Book Review- Ann M. Martin: The Story of the Author of The Babysitters Club

April 1, 2009 at 7:18 am (Book Reviews)

Ann M. Martin: The Story of the Author of The Babysitters Club

BY: Margot Becker R. with Ann M. Martin

COVER BY: Michel Legrou

PUBLISHED BY: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN-10: 0-590-45877-9

ISBN-13: 978-0590458771

Publication: 1993

Ages: 9 -12

Reviewed by: Billy Burgess



I was lucky to find this out-of-print book at a thrift store. This is a wonderful biography that I would recommend to Ann Martin fans and to all children book writers.


From Ann Martin’s early days in diapers to her teaching days. You will learn how she became an editor at a publishing house and eventually becoming a children book writer.


After publishing her first book “Bummer Summer” and several other books, Ann leaves her editorial job and writes full time. She takes odd writing jobs, like writing books for other people’s series and novelizations of movies. Eventually she was offered to write a new series called “The Babysitter Club and it changed her life forever.


Every children book writer needs to read this. It’s inspirational!


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