The Berenstain Bears: Catch the Bus

August 9, 2009 at 12:11 am (Book Reviews, Children) (, , , )

The Berenstain Bears: Catch the Bus
BY: The Berenstains
PUBLISHED BY: Random House
ISBN: 0-679-89227-3
Ages: 4-7
Reviewed by Billy Burgess

It’s seven o’clock and Brother and Sister Bear’s alarm clock goes off. Five minutes late they are still asleep.

Papa Bear is awake and drinking his morning coffee.  Mama Bear is cooking breakfast.  Brother and Sister Bear are still asleep.

Mama Bear notices the time and wakes the children up at ten minutes till eight.  The quickly get around and on the bus at eight o’clock.

This is a wonderful little book for children.  I think every kid has been in this situation.


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