Book Review: Cirque Du Freak: Hunters of The Dark

January 11, 2010 at 5:30 pm (Book Reviews, teen, Young Adult)

Cirque Du Freak: Hunters of The Dark
BY: Darren Shan

PUBLISHED BY: Little, Brown and Company


ISBN: 0-316-60709-6

Pages: 213

Ages: Teen & Up

Reviewed by Billy Burgess

With the Vampaneze Lord soon to rise, Mr. Tiny visit’s the Vampire Mountain with a message. The War of the Scars will be a bloodybattle between the vampires and vampaneze. The Vampire clan will die if the Vampaneze Lord is not killed before he is fully blooded. 

The Hunters of the Dark is different than the previous installments in the series. It was nice to have Darren return to the Crique Du Freak for a short time.

They link up with the Cirque Du Freak where they run into a group of Vampaneze.

Mr. Crepsley, Harkat Mulds, and Darren leave Vampire Mountain after living there for six years. Vancha would join them later. They meet a witch, Lady Evanna. She could see the future and gives the warning that two of them would be dead by the end of their quest. She travels with them.


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