Book Review – Runaway Storm

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Runaway Storm

BY: D.E. Knobbe

PUBLISHED BY: Emerald Book Company


ISBN: 978-1-934572-35-1

Pages: 223

Ages: Young Adult

Reviewed by Billy Burgess

In the first book of the Runaway series, author D.E. Knobbe introduces us to an almost fifteen year-old boy named Nate. He’s a troubled kid who’s having problems adjusting to his parents split and the recent move to New York.

Nate decides he needs a break from his life and comes up with the prefect scheme. He’s going to go kayaking by himself. He tells his mother that his dad wants him to fly to Vancouver while she is away in Paris. He forgot to mention that his dad is on a business trip.

He is quickly on his way to Vancouver with two hundred dollars in cash and his mother’s credit card. When he arrives at his father’s place, he finds his birthday present – a brand new, yellow kayak. Two of his friends, Mike and Eric, helps Nate buy supplies and helps him get to Galiano Island.

Nate launches his Kayak into the waters unaware of the adventures and dangers ahead of him. From drug dealers, to runaways and even a goth girl, this is a journey Nate will never forget.

“Runaway Storm” is an exciting coming to age story. Male readers will easily connect with Nate and relate to some of the problems he faces. I will warn you that there is some mild language in this book. Overall, I enjoyed reading “Runaway Strom” and will look forward to the second installment in the series.


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Book Review: Battling the Unknown: The Last Rawl Trilogy

November 14, 2009 at 10:31 pm (Book Reviews) (, , , )

Battling the Unknown: The Last Rawl Trilogy

BY: Meg Christian



ISBN: 0-7414-4793-2

Pages: 146

Ages: Teen & Up

Reviewed by Billy Burgess

In book one of the trilogy, the young author Meg Christian has created the fantasy world of Umberodia. In this land is a sixteen year old Katrina Rawl. Her mother passed away when she was very young. Since then, she has lived with her aunt. Katrina spends her days selling vegetables on the side of the road. She likes to read books which is something that is forbidden by the Emperor.

Katrina stumbles upon a letter written by her mother. In the letter is a message that she is suppose to give to Amile the Warrior. Soon after, the Emperor sends out his army to do a routine house by house search. The army reports back to the Emperor telling him of a young girl named Katrina Rawl. The Emperor knows this must be the only daughter of Marianne Rawl. He orders his army to retrieve the girl.

When the army arrives the next night, Katrina slips out of the house and escapes. She heads to Ioni where she hopes to find the Amile the Warrior. On the way she finds may other dangers. She also meets a skittish bird named Twitter and a young man named Arlon who help her on the journey.

This is an adorable tale set in an original world of Umberodia. Meg Christian’s love of adventure and storytelling is shown in Battling the Unknown: The Last Rawl Trilogy. The young author is donating all of the profits to the Southern New Hampshire Rescue Mission. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good quest and wonderful characters.

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